Hi, i’m Carrie!

I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based out of Southern California. I have 2 kids, both boys, who keep me quite busy! I love to laugh, even if it’s at myself. I’m a part time hairstylist. I love Starbucks. Like….LOVE Starbucks, the smell walking through the door makes me happy. I love to lift weights, but I also love to eat…bad combo. Pink is my favorite color.  I’m addicted to my phone, but you will get a text reply from me 100x faster than a phone call. Hey, we all have our weaknesses ;)  I’m super competitive. I type smiley faces way too much. I love old school rap. I have a Bachelor’s degree, and 2 jobs that have nothing to do with it. I’m always busy! Sometimes I take on too much, but somehow it always gets done!

My photography business started in 2009. I began photographing weddings in 2012, and opened my own studio in early 2015. I’m so thankful every day for a job that I love! I’m thankful for the people photography has brought into my life, and for the many clients who have become friends. There is so much joy in photographing my clients as their families grow. I love what I do, and I hope that it shows when we get to know each other!


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